DeepMind CEO thinks that "the world" should ultimately have control over AI

I may be cynical, but I find it more likely that corporations and governments will want to keep their technology to themselves.


Demis Hassabis, the CEO of Google-owned AI research lab DeepMind, thinks that "the world" should ultimately have control over super-intelligent machines that can learn for themselves. Hassabis wants companies to be open and transparent about their AI developments.


Several technology giants are currently developing artificial intelligence (AI) behind closed doors as they look to find new ways to improve their products and services without giving away their "secret sauce."

These AI systems are able to learn and think for themselves, but they're ultimately programmed to learn in a certain way and the creators still control them to one degree or another.

But Hassabis said he wants the general public to have more of a say when it comes to the development of AI, possibly because of the technology's potential to change the world — for better, or for worse (you've all seen the Terminator movies).

Speaking to Bloomberg's Jack Clark last week, Hassabis said: "I think ultimately the control of this technology should belong to the world, and we need to think about how that's done.

"Certainly, I think the benefits of it should accrue to everyone. Again, there are some very tricky questions there and difficult things to go through, but certainly that's our belief of where things should go."