Assessing Connected Car Risk -

From: Caitriona Helena Heinl
FYI: From politico


Assessing Connected Car Risk IOActive, a company that specializes in connected car vulnerabilities, on Tuesday released a paper with data about the most common digital security flaws in vehicles. The research detailed the kinds of problems, likelihood of attacks, types of attacks and more. "Looking at the impact level across all vulnerabilities, we see that half are Critical or High impact," the paper states. "This means half of the vulnerabilities result in a compromise of components, communications, or data that causes complete or partial loss of control over the system. Business impact, such as regulatory violation fees or negative media attention, is also factored into the generic Impact score." It's not all bad news. Those "critical" and "high" vulnerabilities, however, are far less likely, making up 7 percent and 21 percent of the classifications, respectively. Lawmakers have introduced competing bills to study car cybersecurity or mandate cyber regulations, but no proposal has advanced.