A non-dystopian future of robot co-workers

Way back in the 1970s Alan Bennett wrote an excellent TV comedy about a couple of office workers. As 9-5 paper shufflers in the North of England their big terror was that computers – which they didn’t understand at all – would steal their jobs. In facts, “computer” was an evil voodoo-style word uttered only in confusion and dread.A non-dystopian future of robot co-workers
Fast forward to now and we all have at least two computing devices on our desks most of the time. The world stops when the internet goes down and, rather than creating mass joblessness, we’ve contrived to use these machines to create more work for than ever before. There are lots of negatives of course, like frantic hyper-connected isolation, but redundancy isn’t one of them. Yet our fear of computers – now rebranded and personified in robots and AI – has remained consistent.